Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have decided to give WordPress a shot. I don't know if I'll be back or not. We'll see.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: A Photographic Re-Cap!

So I've been thinking... 2009 was pretty dang awesome. I decided to compile a variety a pictures that depict my wonderful year.

So here it is...

Let's start with this silly picture my wonderful friend Lara took of me on the first day of 2009. That was also the day I moved out of her family's house. I love them.

At some point in February, my new friends and I decided to take a 24 hour trip to Nashville, TN to see some of our dearest friends. Such as our Circleslide buds!
In March, the infamous Twilight movie came out and there was much excitement and rejoicing. Stef, Alicia, and I drove two and a half hours to Beth's rocking Twilight Party!At some point after our first Nashvegas trip, we became obsessed with the game of Quelf (that our good Nash friends introduced us to) and committed to religiously humiliate ourselves in front of each other on a regular basis. Behold, Casey and Chris of Outside the Camp.In April or something, we took another trip to Nashville to participate in the GMA Dove Awards at the Grand Ole Opry as seat fillers. We are pretty darned good seat fillers. :) As soon as school let out, Stef, Alicia, and I made a run for the beach and spent a week in Pensacola. We got dang good tans. Even though I'm already brown. The beach was wonderful!In June, Erica, Grasshopper & I went to nowhere, Oklahoma to hang out with Circleslide for a week and work at a church camp. Fell in love with some sweet, awesome, young girls and got to minister to them. Below is a photo of Circleslide's pet skeleton, Cap'n Edmond, we got them when we first met them. Edmond travels everywhere with them. He's living the dream.In July, Grasshopper and I went to Japan and spent two weeks in Tokyo. We got to share the love of Jesus Christ with dozens of people and got to pray for a country and a people that I now love and can't wait to return to! Changed my life!This is the pumpkin I carved for Halloween. It is Totoro. If you know any Japanese anime, you should know who Totoro is. He's my favorite ever!
Also, in October, I received a wonderful visit from my sweet friend Jessie and her roommate Rachel, who for some reason I kept calling her Jessica. Weird. But I had a wonderful time, and Jessie kept coming back! Haha!In late November, I got my baby that I love so much. His name is Sir Meows A Lot. Sometimes we call him other names, such as Steel Panther, Face, Lloron, and other names.
There are many more photos of many other events that occurred but I'd be sitting here all night, and I need to stop watching Glee re-runs and go to bed in order to work all day tomorrow! :-D So. I hope if you read this, that you enjoyed the photos. Especially the one of my kitty. Teeeeheeee he's so cute!

Love you, BYE!

Monday, December 21, 2009

bum blog

It has been an eventful week since last time I wrote. I have been living with my brother for the last year, and Alison joined us in late May. It has been a fun ride. They are two of the funniest people I know. I love living with Jehu so much, even though I have to clean up after him 88% of the time. I enjoy his company. Last Monday night, he told me we had to look for another roommate cause he was moving out when the lease ends (at the beginning of February). Thankfully in the last week, we also confirmed our new future roommate. However, I am sad that Jehu will be leaving us because it has made me so happy to live with him. So I'm bummed about that. Aside from that, we are loosing some furniture, kitchen appliances & utensils, and, oh yah, the huge flat screen. These will be interesting days.

Also, Friday when I went to Stefanie's apartment to do laundry, I threw my iPhone into the already running washer along with my clothes. Needless to say, I am now iPhone-less. But I will allow myself a second chance with an iPhone as soon as I get my school money.

Christmas is this week. I get really sad around this season because I remember how amazing Christmas was when I was little, and how the economy has changed so much for our family. So I'm working these holidays. Christmas eve and the day after Christmas. Thankfully my amazing parents are coming up for those days. :)

This will be an emotional time. This is a bum blog.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Chocolate.

The wonders of life. :)

Today was my first day of freedom from school. I woke up excited to not have to do any studying, then I went to work at Hallmark from 1pm - 8pm. :) Freedom.

That my day in its entirety, but then I got to enjoy Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast. And Hot Chocolate, of course.

This is Sir Meows A Lot. He is precious.

Monday, December 14, 2009


The semester is over... it's OVER, IT'S OVER, IT'S OOOOVERRRRR!!!!

Oh what joy! This semester has been very challenging! But it has also been very fun! This whole year has been fun! I complained a lot about getting old. I'm not ecstatic about it but I will definitely try not to complain any more. I am learning a lot. Learning about life and music and sociology and statistics. I don't like being tested on statistics. Neither do I like it force-fed into me. But I learned some of it and that's not a bad thing, I guess. :)

Father is teaching me patience and teaching me to love those around me. I am still learning who HE has made me to be and who HE wants me to be. And facing my imperfections is STILL the hardest thing. Sometimes I want to show the imperfections but others don't want to show theirs and don't wanna see mine. And that's painful. But I still want to be as real as possible with my friends and my family. And I want to be loved as who I am. :-\

But I'm glad that the semester is over. I am thankful that tonight I don't have to worry about anything being due or memorizing any data. :) So Now I'll go drink some hot coco. :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

* little secrets *

* * *
i am currently digging some taylor swift.
* * *
i have a farm on my iPhone & currently growing tulips.
* * *
i love hats and gagabuss gloves
* * *
i can't focus on my homework.
* * *

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This semester is winding down. Time has flown by faster than I can count to three. Every semester that passes is turning into the fastest one yet. I have three papers due tomorrow, one final next week, and another the week after. If I pass the way I'm supposed to, I will have only two semesters left so I hope I pass. :)

It's weird to see the end within sight. I imagine a world in which I am successful immediately after. Isn't that funny? I just hope I have enough money to eat and pay rent somewhere.

I have a kitty now named Sir Meows A Lot. He is actually a pretty big cat. He is currently keeping my legs farm. I love him.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


fear of failure
fear of being forgotten
fear of rejection
fear of falling
fear of facing the truth
fear of being unloved
fear of not mattering
fear of being left out
fear of being unwanted
fear of being fearful

ever felt any of these?
i turn 23 tomorrow and i feel like this

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Uh. Oh. Here's November.

Reading blogs is so refreshing and inspiring. My friends' blogs remind me of what to pray for and what to praise Father for. It's a good thing.

October was insane. It seems like a million things happened in October, including my getting a new car, my parents visiting, me visiting my parents, Jessie Holley & Rachel visiting from Nashville, endless shows in the area, road tripping across Texas, seeing Robin and her girls... October went too quickly. It's not so much that I wanted it to stay October (even though it was wonderful!), but I didn't want November to come this fast.

You have heard me rant in the past about how I don't want to grow old, and how much I enjoy being young. I am so grateful for this past year and all the amazing happenings! I have never had so much fun in my life, and I am progressing! I am almost done with school, and I have traveled so much at the same time. This year I went halfway around the world to Japan, and have trekked across America multiple times. I have learned SO MUCH about the things I can do, the world around me, and sociology! I have two jobs and I have not gone hungry! God has been so good. I have to realize that God's goodness doesn't slow or lessen or end with MY age. And for some reason, I still dread getting older.

I turn 23 soon. Must I grow up?


I am going to try so hard not to get depressed over my age. However, it is scary to grow older. And the longer I live, the faster the years go.

I have been blessed with a WONDERFUL life!! It has been full of adventures and risks and a series of ridiculously hilarious events! For that, I am grateful. I suppose in order to stay young, I'll have to double the adventure. Why wouldn't I?

P.S. It's Circleslide season... Waco on Sunday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

love the rain <3

I'm drinking a warm cup a coffee on this rainy late summer morning. I am so excited about the change in weather that will lead to crisp sunny days and the crackling of golden leaves beneath my feet. I love the hot summer weather, and I enjoy a good sweat, but I believe my heart and soul are ready for fall.

Also, I just saw Circleslide's clip on San Antonio Living, and I suggest you readers to check it out. They perform a song named "Looking Up" and it is absolute amazing.. I only wish I could hear the whole thing and for the new album to be out now. I am so proud of them. :)

School this semester has started off with an intense bang, and I'm runnin' hard. It's all good, however, any spare hour I have is spent reading & writing. This means I have the perfect excuse to spend my days in Panera or Escape. I have constant homework and studying to do. I hope I only stay on top of it because I don't like to down in it. I can't wait to graduate like.. next fall.

I just want to also confess that I hadn't worked out in 4 days but this morning I got up and went to the fitness center to get back into my routine. Despite the rainy weather.

It's time to shower.

Oh, and I'm very excited about being in Lara's wedding. The bridesmaid dresses are beautiful and I know the wedding will be eminent! :)